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OctoinNovember 08, 2018
Promotion of OCC on other exchanges. Closing the internal exchange.

Dear users! The analysis of the development of OctoinCoin (OCC) cryptocurrency, your feedback to the technical support of the project, as well as statistics of the volume of turnovers over the past six months, give us an understanding of the ineffectiveness of the further use of the internal exchange https://octoin.com/exchange/. On the contrary, the effectiveness of trading of OCC on independent large exchange platforms became apparent.

Currently, the OCC is listed and traded on such exchanges as: Exrates (https://exrates.me), Yobit (https://yobit.net), as well as the new promising P2PB2B platform (https://p2pb2b.io/).

Considering all of the above, the decision was taken to close the internal exchange of OCC. Until 00:00:00 of 10/12/2018 all users must withdraw to the external personal wallets all funds of USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, ZEC, BCH, stored on their balances in a multi wallet on octoin.com.

Upon the expiration of the specified period, all user funds except OCC remaining on the octoin.com multi-wallet balances, will be transferred to wallet addresses that were previously registered by users and used for withdrawals.

In the future, the web wallet octoin.com can only be used for the storage and transfer of our OCC cryptocurrency.