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OctoinDecember 05, 2017
New opportunities!

Our platform is growing and expanding. Just recently, a new feature appeared on the site: now you can blog on it and read others. This can be very useful for several reasons:

Firstly, here you can look at the experience of investors and traders from other countries. In the section there is a convenient division by countries, so you will never get confused and will be able to read only what you are interested in. You can also see the blogs of Octoin leaders and ordinary users separately.

Secondly, there are all the tools to independently maintain a personal blog. You can attach photos and videos in high quality. This will help you share your experience, your personal achievements and communicate with other investors.

Third, from this section, you can receive the hottest and fastest news about upcoming events before the official announcement. And as they say: "Who owns the information - he owns the world."

First of all, this section exists from users and for users. We want the blogs of people to show the real state of affairs in our project, as well as the scale of development of the entire resource.

And we want to give some tips for your blog:

  1. Leaders should concentrate on their team activities. Write unofficial announcements of webinars and conferences, talk about development plans, publish photos and video reports about past events. People are interested in news from the first persons.
  2. Investors should think about the blog - as a personal portfolio of achievements. You can publish news about your progress, about new goals and tasks. It's great when you can share your success - it not only makes you feel good, but also motivates you to work further.
  3. Write sincerely and honestly. It attracts people.
  4. Do not overload people with information. The shorter - the better. The main rule of the 21st century.
  5. Do not forget about literacy. Errors corny annoying.

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