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OctoinEventsDecember 06, 2017
Octoin is now in Indonesia!

We are pleased to announce the beginning of exchange operations with Octoin at one of the sites in Indonesia - Bisnis188!

The most active leaders of Octoin in Indonesia have taken the initiative to develop our cryptocurrency into their own hands and their success speaks for themselves. An agreement on partnership with one popular exchange platform has been reached,there is already trading with such large crypto-currencies as Ethereum, Waves, and now the purchase / sale of OCC for cash and non-cash money is also possible. According to the Indonesian curators, in order to receive OCC, it is enough to find the Doku terminal in the nearest minimarket, replenish the cash balance on the exchanger and purchase OCC.

Moreover, now there was an opportunity to exchange ОСС for Indonesian Rupiah by means of bank transfer of almost any bank in Indonesia including banks BCA, Mandiri and BRI.

During the time when many countries try to resist progress and prohibit crypto-currencies, we find the most convenient ways for people to use them.

Click on the link http://bisnis188.com/ there you can find out all the details about this system and the exchange of ОСС.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!