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OctoinWebinarsDecember 12, 2017
Octoin opens a new era of commercial ecology in blockchain

Octoin opens a new  era  of  commercial  ecology in  blockchain.

Octoin  is  committed to building the industry's most comprehensive  blockchain ecosystem.

Octoin is not a project, but a new humanistic community based on the values of openness, democracy and sharing.

If  BTC became the king of wealth treasure, ETH became king of blockchain application, and Ripple became the king of cross-border  payment.

So, OCC will be the king of the ecological alliance!

December 14, 2017, 8 p. m. Beijing time , we will analyze the "Octoin  leads the world's  ten major commercial properties"

We invite  you to  witness a new commercial civilization that rewrites the world's wealth pattern.

After the main part of the webinar, we as usual play out prize deposits for various amounts. All will be able to participate in the draw of 4 deposits of $ 50 and 3 deposits of $ 100. Good luck!

Speaker - Jing xin  (for mail  [email protected])
Leader -  Lyc (for mail  [email protected])
Lecturer Jing  xin  comes  from Chinese Natural  Selection Community.

Come and invite your partners. Looking forward to your participation!

Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!