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OctoinEventsDecember 14, 2017
Bitcoin Cash is now with us!

Almost from the very beginning of our site Octoin.com we received many requests from our users and investors.They were all different, but many were reduced to one: you asked to add the possibility of operations with Bitcoin Cash.

And we decided to listen to the opinion of our community and realized this opportunity.Now you can enter, store and withdraw any amounts of Bitcoin cash. Note that the internal transfers of Bitcoin cash will be conducted without any commission and almost instantly..

We always try to improve our and the project and improve ourselves. You play an important role in this - investors, businessmen, traders, in general, ordinary users of Octoin.com.Without you, we would not have achieved what you can already observe. Thank you! We will continue to work and go in the same direction.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!