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OctoinEventsDecember 17, 2017
New OCC exchanger in Indonesia!

Dear users of Octoin, you are actively using the section of blogs on the site Octoin and it’s nice, because the best news is news from the first mouth. And nevertheless, we will focus users' attention on some of the most important messages, such as this time - about including OCC in the listing of the second exchanger in Indonesia.

The Octoin team from Indonesia has informed you about the creation of a new exchanger Octoin - http://octoinchanger.com.

Now you can quickly, conveniently and absolutely safely convert Rupiah and OctoinCoin. We have professional and attentive administrators who will happily help you to make the necessary operations and enter the business together with OctoinCoin. You can do this both through our website and through your convenient messenger.

Most recently, we already covered the first exchanger working in the OCC / IDR pair - http://bisnis188.com There was an opportunity to exchange OCC for Indonesian rupiah through transfers from any Indonesian bank, such as BCA, Mandiri, BRI, etc. The country's largest television channels have already made reports about this exchanger on TransTV and AG TV.

During the time when many countries try to resist progress and prohibit crypto-currencies, our team finds the most convenient ways for people to use them. We hope that our colleagues from other countries will also not stand aside!

Click on the link http://octoinchanger.com, where you can find out all the details about this system and exchange OCC.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!