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OctoinEventsDecember 19, 2017
Octoin Coin (ОСС) becomes popular!

The fame of Octoin in Indonesia is so high, that the top International Media has got interested in Octoin.

CNN Indonesia news have made a video about the cryptocurrency OCC and its Leaders in Indonesia. The internet users have watched this video more than 350 000 times and this number is constantly increasing.

Indonesia in their opinion is the first and one of the largest Octoin markets. This fact was mentioned a few times in CNN video.

Communities of many thousands of Indonesians are developing and earning this cryptocurrency. This was told in the video by one of the Crypto platform Leaders.

We cannot ignor this achievement of our Indonesian users so we publish this video for you.

Octoin is international company created by traders from UK, Singapore and the owners of a few top mining pools from China.

First banch of OCC launched to the market in the Autumn of 2017 with the price of 1$ per coin. This have created a real success among the investors. OCC is still at its pre-start and it is still an internal currency. Its tokens are actively bought by users from different countires. However, the leading countries are China, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Germany, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan and Israel.