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OctoinConferencesDecember 19, 2017
Octoin Conference in Banjarbaru 20 Dec 2017

Dear Octoin Leader!

Mega Octoin seminar will be held in Banjarbaru city on 20 December 2017 at 19.00 PM.
The seminar will be conducted after an important meeting between Indonesian Octoin Promoter Mr.Imran and the Leaders of the Banjarbaru city cryptocurrency led by Mr.Ahyar.

Some information about Banjarbaru city was presented. Martapura city is famous for its diamond. People in both cities are very fond of investment business.Upon the enthusiasm of the previous Leaders meeting with the Octoin promoter, it was agreed to present 100 participants in this event.
This event will be guided by famous Mc Mr. Bugdady's.

At the event delivered by Mr.Imran there will be explained certain details about:

- How to recognize the world of cryptocurrency,
- Why participants choose Octoin as their investment project,
- A detailed explanation about the trading and mining portfolios in the Octoin platform,
- Detailed explanation about 7 level Octoin referral program and how to increase your personal income from Octoin program.

At this point all the Leaders of Octoin Banjarbaru are already preparing several targets to make direct investment in Octoin.

Octoin - Your Trusted Partner in the world of cryptocurrency!