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OctoinConferencesDecember 22, 2017
Greetings to Indonesian users!

Here we have got the schedule of conferences organised by Octoin Indonesian Team. By the end of 2017 there will be held 8 events all over Indonesia. It will be concluded by large Octoin Grand Conference which will take place at January 6, 2018 in Surabaya.

Indonesian Leaders have taken a powerful start by conducting 11 events during December 2017. These events created a great interest and gathered together a few thousands of participants. You can see how it was by watching the videos which we will definitely publish on our website and in Social Network.
Congratulations to Indonesian Octoin Team with a great start! With such a speed they will feel narrow working only in their own country and will soon start reaching the new tops in the other regions of the world!

Below you can see the list of the events which will take place in Indonesia until the end of this year:
- 20 December Octoin Banjarbaru Conference,
- 22 December Octoin Leaders and Investors Meet Up in Jogja,
- 22 December Octoin Conference Bandung,
- 23 December Octoin Conference in Banjarmasin,
- 23 December Octoin Situbondo Conference,
- 24 December Octoin Conference in Kotabaru,
- 24 December Octoin Conference Bengkulu,
- 24 December Octoin Conference in Jogja,
- 29 December Octoin Meet Up with Leaders and Investors in Madiun,
- 31 December Octoin Conference in Madiun.

This december marathon will be completed by real Mega-event in Surabaya. In luxury Shangri-La Hotel there will take place Octoin Grand Conference 2018 where the Octoin Leaders from all over the world are invited.