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OctoinConferencesDecember 23, 2017
Global Leadership Conference in Indonesia! 1000 participants!

Very soon in Indonesia the Octoin leaders from all over the world will gather. The chic 5-star hotel will open its doors to everyone who works or is willing to work with us. Accommodation and tickets will be fully paid by the company.

Meetings of leaders from different countries and regions will be held for several hours. On them we will share our experience and discuss the development prospects of the project OctoinCoin. Also at this conference between the leaders of OctoinCoin there will be a rally: Mitsubishi Xpander car and two motorcycles: Moto Vario and Moto Scoopy.

Invitations to the leader will be sent out in the near future. But if you suddenly do not find yourself among them, if you are not working with us yet, do not despair, at us, in Octoin - everything is possible! Join our team, become a leader and invest in yourself and your future. Do not miss your chance to catch a luck bird!

When: January 6, 2018
Where: Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya
Number of participants: 1000


The requirements for winning the prices at conference lottery in Indonesia!

From the very start, the Octoin company is emphasizing on the loyalty of its clients and partners. On January 6, 2018 in Surabaya (Indonesia) the Octoin Grand Conference will take place where all Leaders from different countries will attend. At this conference there will be a lottery for a car Mitsubishi Xpander and a few scooters.

Attention! Any user of Octoin in Indonesia who has got the investment portfolio of OCC can become the car owner.

What is required for this:
1) To register (or to already have) a wallet at Octoin.com.
2) To have on the balance an investment portfolio of:
* Not less than 100 OCC for participating at the scooter lottery for Honda Scoopy and Honda Vario.
** Not less than 1000 OCC for participating in the lottery for a super car Mitsubishi Xpander.
Final date of registration for the lottery is January 4, 2018. The winners will be chosen in the real time by random numbers generating method.

We are happy to admit you as an honorable guest to Octoin Indonesia Conference which will take place on the 6th January 2018!

We are happy to admit you as an honorable guest to Octoin Indonesia Conference which will take place on the 6th January 2018

We highly estimate your contribution to the prosperity of Octoin company, your ambitions and motivation.

During this trip company will bare the expenses for the flight and accommodation

NB. We remind you that all the invited guest-leaders will have to deliver 10-15 speech from the stage during the event. Kindly, provide us with the text of your speech through your personal assistant in Leadership Chat

Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!