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OctoinConferencesDecember 27, 2017
To honorable octoin leaders! On 07 January 2018

On 07 January 2018 our Octoin Indonesia team will hold a large Octoin Conference in the city of Semarang.
Precisely at @home Hotel Jl.Pandanaran No.119 Semarang.
Hour 19.00 - Done
Semarang is a big city in Indonesia with a very crowded population.
This is great for the development of octoin as a cryptocurrency in this city. And in this event, it is estimated that the number of seminar participants who came to reach more than 100 people.

After visiting Mr.Imran Octoin's promoter on December 14, 2017 followed by a visit following the great leader Mr.Jamal to Semarang, the table talk about octoin continued to be encouraged. This will greatly support the success of a major conference on 7 January 2018.

In this event, the main material carrier will be handled directly by Mr.Imran who in detail will explain about:

- How to know the world of cryptocurrency
- Why participants choose octoin as their investment place
- A detailed explanation of trading and mining portfolios within the Octoin platform
- Detailed explanation about 7 octoin refferal program and how to increase income from octoin program.

We will do our best to provide the correct education of cryptocurrency with Octoin.

Success with octoin!