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OctoinWebinarsDecember 27, 2017
The first webinar in Vietnamese language! Dec 29, 7 pm

We decided not to limit ourselves to webinars in English, German and Chinese and add one more language to our field of our activity.

That’s why,on Friday,Dec 29, 7 pm there will be the first Vietnamese Octoin live webinar!We invite you to it, as well as all your friends who know Vietnamese language.

You can already sign up here:


Our speakers will discuss their experience with Octoin and how to work and earn money thanks to this platform. They will communicate and give practical advice to all comers.Octoin management and Vietnam leader will talk about upcoming updates, exciting news.

After the main part of the webinar, we as usual play out prize deposits for various amounts. All will be able to participate in the draw of 3 deposits from 30 to $ 100. Good luck!

In our webinars you can get not only knowledge, but real skills and abilities.Therefore, do not delay, register and see you on Friday!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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