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OctoinDecember 29, 2017
Merdeka.com have written an article about Octoin!

Merdeka.com is one of the major Indonesian Media channel which is in the Top 10 as per Alexa rating. The journalists of Merdeka have written a large article about the Octoin company. They could not simply stand by watching the success phenomenon of Octoin in Indonesia.


Reminder. Octoin is an international company, found by the Traders from UK and Singapore, as well as by the business owners of the largest mining pools of China. Octoin is preparing for release to the exchanges the new cryptocurrency OCC.

The editors of Merdeka.com have studied in details the project and have given its positive summary of it. The experts of this edition think that Octoin is really the perspective tool for investments. Anyone can purchase OCC or to invest in its mining.

The money are saved in the 200% safe electronic wallets. At the same time your money are working for you and are getting multiplied. Tens of thousands of Indonesians have invested in OCC. The conferences organized by Indonesian Leaders every time gather hundreds of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier there was a big video report about Octoin by CNN. Also one of the top Media in Indonesia, the Tribune News have written an article about Octoin.