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OctoinDecember 30, 2017
Instruction: Immediate internal transactions of funds.

To send any currency from your multi-currency Octoin wallet to another user with no commission and without external withdrawal is very easy.

This feature is located at the right side menu. All the cryptocurrencies inside the Octoin system are available for such internal transfers. If in the list for sending any currency is not shown then just add it by clicking on “Statistics” button. Here is shown you personal OCC wallet number which you should tell to another user, who wants to make you an internal transfer.

If you are a sender then ask for the OCC wallet number from the user to whom you want to send the money transfer. His OCC wallet number is located in the same place like yours.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to send (or USD).

Type in the amount within your balance.

Enter the OCC wallet number of recipient and click on “SEND”.

If you have already set 2 level protection of your password for making the transactions then enter the code which you will receive by Telegram (like in our case) or by email.

Transfer is complete.

Once again please pay attention here! All such money transfers using this service are confirmed immediately on the balance of recipient and are done without any commission.

The statistics of all the account transactions is saved here. Choose the needed cryptocurrency, click “+” to see the hidden part of history. Each transaction has got its unique code.

Octoin multicurrency wallet is safe and convenient.

It video can be viewed in 5 different languages, available:

English       - https://youtu.be/a_34fTdYuFw
Chinese      - https://youtu.be/qRK8Qti08gc
Indonesian  - https://youtu.be/k8UZSe77arY
Turkish       - https://youtu.be/5W2YmyS_o0Q
Vietnamese - https://youtu.be/1Ae40Vck134