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OctoinDecember 31, 2017
Octoin Coin will be released soon! Do not miss the chance to become an investor!

Dear partners! Congratulations with a Happy New Year from Octoin! We are very grateful to you for being our followers! Nevermind the festive days, the Octoin Team keeps of making the upgrading and we have prepared for you a nice surprise!

As you all know, the release of cryptocurrency OctoinCoin was planned for May 2018. But the great interest from the large number of investors as well as gathered investments have allowed to complete the cryptocurrency development much earlier! We are happy to announce that OctoinCoin release will happen already in January 2018!

Each stage of development required many meetings and discussions, consultancies with the TOP Leaders of Octoin. We tried to take care of each characteristic of the new future cryptocurrency. This helped the management to plan local developments for different counties and to forecast the number of new users in the future, who will also be part of our community!

Now here are the details! Cryptocurrency OctoinCoin is developed with the algorithm Proof of Stake. The majority of cryptocurrencies choose algorithm of consensus Proof of Stake (PoS) for its security and mining opportunity. Also, the main advantage of PoS is the protection from a possible attack of 51%, the mining is possible without any special equipment. Moreover, the energy costs are substantially lower, comparing to PoW (Proof-of-Work algorithm).

Another characteristic of Proof of Stake is that instead of using the large computing powers for the successful cryptocurrency mining, it is enough for the user to have a large share in the system itself. The received profit is in direct proportion to the share size. The mining system is created in such a way that the most loyal users are getting reward from the network. The code of cryptocurrency OctoinCoin is already having inside the integrated algorithms of Segwit and Lighting Network.

The rapid interest of investors all over the world and the perspective of entrance to the outside exchangers (which will happen very soon!) - all these factors tend to forecast that OctoinCoin will repeat the destiny of Bitcoin.

In the New Year OctoinCoin is with you!